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Trading MasterClass

Trading MasterClass

24 Seasons

Self-paced course, suitable for all levels, includes 5 clearly defined technical trading strategies + 3 risk management techniques. Applicable to various financial markets including forex, equities, and cryptocurrency.

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Trading MasterClass
  • Trading Setup

    At the beginning of your journey, creating and organizing your trading setup is key! There are a few different components involved which Irek will walk you through in this lesson (such as setting up your trading station and choosing the appropriate charting software to use).

  • Trading Station

    At the beginning of your trading journey, you can keep it simple. If you have a decent laptop, and a good internet connection, you’re all set.
    However, once you start to progress through your journey and feel that it’s time to upgrade, you can consider a dual monitor setup (either powered by a l...

  • Charting Software

    There are a few different options for charting software that you can consider. In this lesson, Irek briefly explains the following charting options:
    – Your broker charting software
    – Trading View
    – eSignal
    – Bloomberg Terminal

  • Intro to TradingView

    Learn why TradingView is a great option for charting software. It has all of the features you’ll require to successfully analyze your charts (including data feeds, chart layouts, watchlists, general tools, indicators and more).

    Trading View is also very cost-effective hence why it’s used by tho...

  • Navigating TradingView

    In the previous lesson, Irek explained why Trading View is a great option for charting software. In this lesson, he’ll actually show you how to navigate the platform and bring attention to the features that will be relevant to your trading.

  • Chart Layout

    Get a first-hand look into which chart layouts you can use within Trading View, and why they will be beneficial when performing your analysis.

  • Setting up Indicators

    This lesson is a crash course on how to set up your Trading View indicators. Irek shows you exactly how to set up the necessary indicators you will utilize throughout the Trading MasterClass course. Any other indicator you to your charts, will be personal preference, and not a necessity for prope...

  • Intro to eSignal

    In this lesson, Irek takes you through the features of eSignal and shows you how to customize chart layouts + utilize keyboard short cuts. eSignal is a great software that does not utilize internet resources, and has customizable features, but it is definitely not a necessity (due to the cost hig...