Trading MasterClass

Trading MasterClass

24 Seasons

Learn all of the skills & knowledge required to master technical analysis. Trading MasterClass will teach you the basics of how to read a chart, how to execute on and understand the subtle intricacies of our 5 strategies, and how to approach the markets with minimal risk. Join our live weekly events for additional insights and lessons, and don’t miss out on our private members’ community where you can connect with hundreds of inspired individuals!

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Trading MasterClass
  • The Hybrid

    Learn more about the hybrid style (the ‘Holy Grail’ of Irek’s trading), and how you can utilize characteristics of both day trading and swing trading to capitalize on market movements.

  • The “Scale In”

    In this lesson you’ll learn how to ‘scale in’, utilizing multiple strategies to catch the same daily run. You can consider this another ‘Holy Grail’ approach and can utilize the ‘scale in’ to generate more profit, without adding any additional risk (when done correctly).