• Insights - The Roaring Twenties

    During this livestream, Irek provided a high-level technical overview of the global financial markets (heavy focus on US equities).

    Main discussion points:
    - Discussion: Are we entering the roaring twenties?
    - Overview of current open positions
    - BTC forming an ascending triangle, waiting for b...

  • Evolve - Adopting a Growth Mindset

    In this livestream event, Jonny discusses the major differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset (and why it’s so important to cultivate the latter).

    Practical exercises, book recommendations, and real-life examples are provided.

  • Trading MasterClass

    24 seasons

    Learn all of the skills & knowledge required to master technical analysis. Trading MasterClass will teach you the basics of how to read a chart, how to execute on and understand the subtle intricacies of our 5 strategies, and how to approach the markets with minimal risk. Join our live weekly eve...